Sermon – December 24, 2017: “Don’t Get Distracted”

Luke 12:22-34 Parallel Account Matthew 6:25-34 This was most likely a repeated theme in the teaching of Jesus. Luke’s reason for recording • This passage rides on the coattails of Jesus’ criticism concerning the Pharisees. • A motivating factor for

Financial Accountability 2017

We believe in providing accountability… 2017 12 25 KCC Reports 2017 12 18 KCC Reports 2017 12 11 KCC Reports 2017 12 04 KCC Reports 2017 11 27 KCC Reports 2017 11 20 KCC Reports (3 weeks & YTD) 2017

Sermon – December 3, 2017: “It’s a Heart Matter”

Luke 11:37-54 Parallel Account Matthew 23:23-36 (kind of) Similar things are spoken but Luke’s passage is most likely an earlier occasion than Matthew. Luke has Jesus speaking in the company of Pharisees and scribes while Matthew has him speaking to

Sermon – November 19, 2017: “Expressing Through Prayer”

Luke 11:1-13 Matthew 6:5-15 Parallel Account Matthew 6:9-13 Context is Sermon on the Mount. Luke’s reason for recording These three stories focus on relationships moving from relationship with fellow man, relationship with Jesus to relationship with God. Luke stresses the

Sermon – November 12, 2017: “The Prime Necessity”

Luke 10:38-42 Parallel Account No parallel account However, Martha and Mary are mentioned by John (chapters 11 & 12). Lived in Bethany. Sisters to Lazarus. Mary is identified as one of the woman who anointed Jesus’ feet (also Mark 14).

Sermon – November 5, 2017: “Are You Being Neighborly?”

Luke 10:25-37 Parallel Account No parallel account Luke’s reason for recording Next three stories focus on relationships moving from relationship with fellow man, relationship with Jesus to relationship with God. Luke stresses the inherent relationship between how one reacts to

Sermon – October 22, 2017: “Mission Urgent!”

Luke 10:1-16 Parallel Account There is no parallel account though there are similar instructions given to the Twelve Apostles when they are sent out on a similar mission. Luke’s reason for recording 70/72 is most likely an allusion to the

Sermon – October 15, 2017: “The Cost Gain Analysis”

Luke 9:57-62 Parallel Account Matthew 8:17-22 Luke’s reason for recording This section reveals how Jesus responded to those who expressed a desire to follow him. Shows how masterful of a teacher Jesus was as he was constantly identifying teachable moments.

Sermon – October 8, 2017: “Importance of Dealing with Prejudice”

Luke 9:51-56 Luke’s reason for recording • _________________ passage • What follows is the last ___________ of Jesus’ ministry before death. • Jesus’ ministry efforts are now expanding into areas ____________ the Galilean region. • Jesus sets an _____________ for

Sermon – September 17, 2017: “Faithful Sharing”

Luke 9:1-6 Luke’s reason for recording Faith is a major theme in this section of his Gospel (chap 8-9). The disciples are given the opportunity to put their own faith into practice through a short-term training mission. What’s so important

Sermon – September 10, 2017: “Faith vs. Fear”

 Luke 8:40-56 Parallel accounts • Matthew 9:18-26 • Mark 5:21-43 • Luke 8:40-56 Harmonizing the accounts • Mark and Luke place the event directly after the expelling of the demon horde Legion. • Event most likely takes place in Capernaum.