Sermon – February 7, 2016: “The Right One”

Download YouVersion Sermon Notes Searching for a bride Genesis 24:1-67 ESV Now Abraham was old, well advanced in years. And the Lord had blessed Abraham in all things. And Abraham said to his servant, the oldest of his household, who

Genesis – “Essential Worship”

Genesis 12:10-20 Abram and Sarai in Egypt – Genesis 12:10-20 (ESV) Altars Place of worship Draws man closer to God Recognizes God as the one true god Acknowledges God’s generosity/provision Serves as a point of refocus Did Abraham forget to

Genesis – “Answering God’s Call”

Genealogies – Genesis 11:10-32 (ESV) The Call of Abraham – Genesis 12:1-9 (ESV) Lessons from Abraham’s calling God calls ordinary people to do his work. The greatest requirement for God’s calling is faith. God equips those he calls to do

Genesis – “Building Towers Leads to Confusion”

Genesis 9:20-11:9 The Curse of Canaan (9:20-28) Sets up God’s command to clean the land. Ham’s sin was indicative of the sin of the Canaanites. The curse was spoken out of foreknowledge. Canaanites had opportunity to repent. (Gen 15:13-16 &

Genesis – “The Christian & Sensual Desire”

Genesis 9:20-28 Proper Context of Alcohol in Scriptures Wine was the primary alcohol in ancient times. There was no refrigeration in ancient times. Naturally fermented wine is between 5 to 20% alcohol. Wine was mixed with water to help purify

Genesis – “The Ark & The Cross”

The Ark and the Cross Genesis 6 – 8 Flood Misconceptions It never rained before the flood Pre-flood society was complete chaos and violence A wooden ark would not be seaworthy The ark was box-shaped Not enough room for all

Genesis – “The Reality of Sin & Consequences”

The Reality of Sin & Consequences Genesis 6:1-8 A quick outline of Gen 1-10 Chapter 1: Creation of the world Chapter 2: Creation and blessing of man Chapter 3: Fall and curse of man Chapter 4: Two types of people

Genesis – “Heaven”

Heaven Genesis 5 Genesis 4:  The stage is set There are two types of people: Those who know God’s love and seek relationship with him (Abel and Seth) Those who don’t understand God’s love and seek to use Him (Cain)

Genesis – “Worship, Sin, Murder”

Worship, Sin, Murder Genesis 4:1-26 Difference between the offerings Abel’s offering Matt 23:35 – Abel was righteous. Heb 11:4 – Abel’s righteousness came by faith. Abel’s worship was because of faith. Abel’s offering shows he was concerned about his relationship

Genesis – “Order of Society: Gender Roles part 2″

Order of Society: Gender Roles part 2 Genesis 2:4-24 Head coverings? – 1 Corinthians 11:2-16 Cultural identification of married women. Church tradition: symbolizes husband’s headship of his wife. Why does it matter? – vv. 2-3 God is a god of

Genesis – “Order of Society: Gender Roles part 1”

Order of Society:  Gender Roles part 1 Genesis 2:4-24 Are there clearly established gender roles in Genesis? Egalitarian view – complete and total _____________ in all things between gender. OR Elitist view – one gender is given the _____________ responsibility

Genesis – “Creation of Humanity”

Creation of Humanity Genesis 2:4-24 (ESV) These are the generations of the heavens and the earth when they were created, in the day that the Lord God made the earth and the heavens. When no bush of the field was

Genesis – “Creation & Genesis,” Part 3

Creation & Genesis, Part 3 Genesis 1:20-2:3 (ESV) ~ Creation Days 5 through 7 And God said, “Let the waters swarm with swarms of living creatures, and let birds fly above the earth across the expanse of the heavens.” So

Genesis – “Creation & Genesis,” Part 2

Creation & Genesis, Part 2 Genesis 1:6-19 (ESV) And God said, “Let there be an expanse in the midst of the waters, and let it separate the waters from the waters.” And God made the expanse and separated the waters

Genesis – “Creation & Genesis,” Part 1

Creation & Genesis Creation of Light – Genesis 1:1-5 (ESV) In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.The earth was without form and void, and darkness was over the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God

Genesis – “The Creation Account”

Genesis 1:1 – 2:25 (ESV) Creation Account Three creation accounts? 1:1 1:2 – 2:3 2:4 – 2:25 Use to support the documentary hypothesis JEPD – 1:1 – 2:3 and 2:4 – 2:25 Claim to show different styles of writing Claim

Genesis – “In The Beginning”

Genesis 1:1 (ESV) In the beginning, God Implications There is nothing greater than God Everything originates from God Creation should point to God Time should testify concerning God The term used for God hints at the nature of God There

Genesis – “Introduction”

Authorship • Tradition says Moses • 1670 Baruch Spinoza • 1753 Jean Astruc • 1780 Johann Eichhorn • 1802 Johann Vater • 1805 Wilhelm De Wette Documentary Hypothesis J-document – Yahwist – 850 BC E-document – Elohist – 750 BC