Sermon – September 17, 2017: “Faithful Sharing”

Luke 9:1-6

Luke’s reason for recording

  • Faith is a major theme in this section of his Gospel (chap 8-9).
  • The disciples are given the opportunity to put their own faith into practice through a short-term training mission.

What’s so important about faith?

  • Most people don’t consider the fact that we all live by faith.
  • Jesus emphasizes faith, and we discover that it is essential…
    • in receiving salvation.
    • in living a life that pleases God.
    • in bearing up under worldly persecution.
    • in striving against spiritual forces.
  • Jesus reveals that we can choose to believe in revealed truth.
  • This awareness should cause the Christian to live a life of faith that is both purposeful and intentional.

Faith applied to the mission

  • All Christians are called to share the good news and make disciples.
  • You must have faith that God has fully equipped you for the mission.
    • You have power and authority in that you have the Holy Spirit within you.
    • In reality, the Holy Spirit uses you to accomplish his work.
    • The greatest “draw” you can have is when you are fully exhibiting a life of faith.
  • You must have faith when the mission takes priority over everything else.
    • God has promised that our needs will be provided for when we put him first.
    • Each of us needs to consider what it means to live a simplistic lifestyle.
    • Simplistic living creates less conflict in fulfilling the mission.
  • You must have faith when people respond negatively to the message.
    • Your mission is to simply take the gospel to the world.
    • Your mission is not to convert people.
    • If you live and share in faith you are not responsible for the rejection of the gospel.

The Transformation Expectation

  • God wants us to be faithful in sharing the good news and have faith that He will provide all that is needed to do so.

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