Sermon – September 10, 2017: “Faith vs. Fear”

 Luke 8:40-56

Parallel accounts
• Matthew 9:18-26
• Mark 5:21-43
• Luke 8:40-56
Harmonizing the accounts
• Mark and Luke place the event directly after the expelling of the demon horde Legion.
• Event most likely takes place in Capernaum.
• Matthew simply says “a ruler,” but both Mark and Luke say ruler of the synagogue and give his name as Jairus.
• Matthew has Jairus saying his daughter had already died whereas Mark and Luke record him saying she was sick.
• This is reconciled by understanding…
– Matthew likes to abbreviate and condense details of events.
– It was acceptable to not accurately detail events as long as the main point was accurately relayed (i.e. the daughter died and was brought back to life).
Luke’s reason for recording
• This “day” in the life of Jesus reveals that (Luke 8:4-9:56)…
– He has authority over nature.
– He has authority over demons.
– He has authority over sickness.
– He has authority over death.
• He has the same authority as God!
• Further…this event serves as a lesson concerning faith and fear.
What we learn about faith and fear
• Fear can stifle faith.
• Or faith can eliminate fear.
• To walk in fear means to miss God’s blessings for his blessings are usually gained by faith.
• It is essential to share stories of faith and blessing with others.
– We are encouraged when we share.
– Fellow believers are encouraged when we share.
– Non-Christians are encouraged when we share.
The Transformation Expectation
• Think about it: Are you allowing fear to stifle your faith?
• Confess your weakness and pray for determination to walk by faith instead of in fear.
• Experience the many blessings God has promised to be gained through faith.
• Encourage and be encouraged by sharing these experiences with others.

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