Sermon – October 8, 2017: “Importance of Dealing with Prejudice”

Luke 9:51-56

Luke’s reason for recording
• _________________ passage
• What follows is the last ___________ of Jesus’ ministry before death.
• Jesus’ ministry efforts are now expanding into areas ____________ the Galilean region.
• Jesus sets an _____________ for his disciples as to where the Gospel message will go.

“He set his face”
• Hebraic idiom – He _____________ firmly.
• Conveys
– Jesus __________ his purpose and mission
– Speaks of the great ___________ and _________ of Jesus

The prejudice of the Apostles
• There was a general ____________ between Jews and Samaritans.
• Apostles’ prejudice made it hard for them to _____________ the full nature of Jesus’ ministry.
• Prejudice fueled a __________________ of faith and contributed to an _______________ concerning other teachings of Jesus.

Learning from the Apostles
• We are _________________ to be prejudice (have disdain and hatred for).
• Disdain and hatred will _____________ us and __________ misapplied faith.
Be aware of contributing factors to disdain and hatred

• What fuels disdain and hatred
– Pain and harm
– Mistreatment
– Opposing view
– Insecurity and/or perceived threat
– Inconvenience
– Connection to a person or group
– Jealousy and envy

What disdain and hatred do
• It is used by the _____________.
• It usually leads to unjust _________________.
• It leads to ______________ from any evangelistic effort.
• It leads to unjust ________________ and _____________ of others.
• It leads to _______________ people from God.

Don’t go to the opposite extreme
• Don’t accept the __________ with the sinner.
• Don’t give the impression sin is ___________.
• Don’t be ___________ to tell the truth about sin and its effects on mankind.

The Transformation Expectation
• ______________ where there may be disdain and hatred in your life and get rid of it.
• Don’t allow _______________ to discourage evangelism.
• Be ready “in season and out of season” to __________ the good news.

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