Sermon – June 11, 2017: “Be Great by Loving”

The Commands of Jesus

“Let the greatest…”

“Love one another…”

Luke22:24-27 and John 13:34 (15:12)


  • Jesus spoke about greatness on several occasions.
    • Mark 9:33-35 (Luke 9:46-48)
    • Matthew 18:1-4
    • Matthew 20:20-28
    • Matthew 23:1-11


  • Benefactors see themselves benefiting society through their power and authority.
  • However, Jesus does not want his followers thinking this way; perhaps because these people think to highly of themselves.
  • He reveals that God measures greatness differently.

 “Greatest…become as the youngest”

  • The elder brother brought to mind a “great” position that is not earned.
  • However, according to God, greatness is not an inherited position.
  • Jesus reveals greatness is earned through attitude.

“Leader…as one who serves”

  • Leaders are considered great, by the world, because they tell others what to do.
  • However, Jesus reveals that leaders are in their position not to tell but to serve.
  • Leaders encourage people to do by setting an example to follow.

Who is the greater?

  • By posing such a question Jesus reveals that the “great” would not be great without the ones who serve.
  • Jesus uses himself as an example of how the truly great are those who serve.

“Love one another as I have loved…”

  • Often described as the firstborn, denoting an authoritative position, Jesus chooses to not exercise such authority independently. – Phil 2:5-8
  • He submitted to the will of the Father, and out of love, served man by taking the punishment of sin upon himself.
  • Greatness, according to God, depends on this type of sacrificial love.

The reason for the body of Christ

  • Perhaps it is with this understanding that Paul penned 1 Corinthians 12 (22-26).
  • Paul claims this is so “that there may be no division in the body, but the members may have the same care for one another.”

Transformation Expectation

  • God wants us to quit considering each other great by the standards of the world.
  • God wants us to consider each other great according to the way we love one another.
  • Be great by loving as Jesus loves, and honor those who love the way he loves by considering them great.

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