Sermon – July 10, 2016: “Dealing With Pessimism”

Dealing with Pessimism

Genesis 42

Pessimistic people…

  • Only see the negative in other people.
  • Focus on the darkest parts of life.
  • Assume the worst in any given circumstance.
  • Behave as if the entire world is against them.
  • Negatively influence the attitudes of those around them.
  • May believe God is the author of “evil.”

How do you avoid and/or overcome a pessimistic state?

  • Forget about yourself and remember God.

Paul’s encouragement: Rom 8:31-39

  • God is for us.
  • God will give us all we need.
  • We are not condemned but justified through Jesus.
  • We cannot be separated from the love of Jesus.
  • God enables us to resist temptation that leads to pessimism.

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