Sermon – December 31, 2017: “Don’t Get Distracted, pt. 2”

Luke 12:35-53

Parallel Accounts

  • Luke 12:35-40 – Mark 13:32-37
  • Luke 12:41-48 – Matthew 24:45-51
  • Luke 12:49-53 – Matthew 10:34-36

Jesus’ teaching here is was most likely something he taught often as it is contained in the record of the other Gospel writers but in different contexts.

Luke’s reason for recording

  • This passage must be taken in context with the previous passage.
  • Luke’s shows Jesus exhorting his disciples to make kingdom work the priority over worldly accumulation of wealth.

The context

  • Jesus’ main message – the kingdom of God is at hand.
  • Jews correlated this with the coming of the Messiah.
  • Jesus’ second coming would usher in the final installation of God’s kingdom and be a time of judgment.
  • Again, Jesus is exhorting his followers to make the most of his absence.

Beware of three destructive attitudes

  • “Who cares; I’m going to get as much stuff as I can while I’m here.”
  • “He’s coming back soon why should I do anything?”
  • “It’s taking him so long it probably won’t happen in my lifetime.”

 “Stay dressed…keep the lamps burning” vv 35-36

  • This is a warning to not get lazy but to keep on working while Jesus is away.
  • We need to be prepared for the final establishment of God’s kingdom.
  • We need to try our hardest to help provide citizens for the kingdom.

“Blessed are those servants” vv 37-38

  • Jesus hints that his coming may not be when expected.
  • It doesn’t matter when it is; we need to expect that it WILL happen.
  • When Jesus returns there will be rest from the work.

Parable of the burglar vv 39-40

  • The parable is a contrast; those who accumulate wealth are worried about it being taken, however, we want Jesus to take what we have when he comes back.

“Lord…this parable for us? vv 41-48

  • Peter is asking what kind of servants are they: common or stewards over others.
  • Jesus’ response is that they are stewards.
  • Jesus warns them to be faithful as stewards and avoid temptation to lord it over those in their care.
  • This passage applies to church leaders today.
  • Jesus warns…
    • Those who lord over others will suffer a severe punishment.
    • Those who know better but do nothing will be punished.
    • Those who are ignorant of what their calling entails will be lightly punished.

Don’t think it will be easy! vv 49-53

  • Jesus and the installation of a new kingdom present a dilemma.
  • You are either for God or you are not.
  • Naturally this will cause conflict.
  • Jesus makes no promise of peace in the present age as long as people can choose to be against God and his kingdom.

Transformation Expectation

  • Jesus is coming back and we must be engaged in work to help populate the kingdom.
  • We must live as if the return is going to happen today!
  • We must develop an attitude of urgency; the offer of salvation cannot be put off!

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