Sermon – December 24, 2017: “Don’t Get Distracted”

Luke 12:22-34
Parallel Account
Matthew 6:25-34
This was most likely a repeated theme in the teaching of Jesus.
Luke’s reason for recording
• This passage rides on the coattails of Jesus’ criticism concerning the Pharisees.
• A motivating factor for abiding by the Law was God’s provision.
• However, the Pharisees were not true seekers of God’s kingdom.
Prosperity Gospel
A belief of some Christians that Jesus’ atoning sacrifice guarantees more than reconciliation with God and salvation from the punishment of sin. It also guarantees physical health and material wealth. These people are taught that faith, positive speech and giving increase one’s material wealth and physical health.
Prosperity Gospel: Misused Scriptures
John 10:10 Isaiah 53:5
James 4:2 Jeremiah 29:11
Mark 10:29-30 John 14:14
Galatians 3:14 Malachi 3:10
2 Corinthians 8:9 3 John 2
Anxiousness (12:22-23)
• Don’t try to soften anxiety by naming it concern.
• Greek word merimnao is a type of anxiousness that is akin to brooding.
• Concern can quickly turn to brooding when we are not content with what has been provided for us and want more.
• Jesus reminds us that life is more than the simple necessities needed to live.
To work or not to work (12:24)
• Even though Jesus compares mankind to birds there is a comparative difference between birds and man.
• Man has been created in the image of God and we are made to work just as he works.
• God meets our needs in the way he has designed.
Can anxiety do any good? (12:25-26)
• Jesus suggests anxiety doesn’t profit man in anyway.
• Science seems to affirm what Jesus may be suggesting that anxiety cannot add to life.
• Science suggests anxiety actually takes life.
Oh the suspense! (12:27-29)
• Meteorizomai means to be held in suspense or to be apprehensive about.
• Worry reveals a displeasure about and ungratefulness for God’s provision.
• The problem with the Prosperity Gospel is that it creates anxiety and worry.
Be Content (12:30-31)
• This passage is not really about the fact that God provides.
• Jesus doesn’t want us to desire any more than what has been given.
• To desire more material and earthly wealth distracts from what is important.
It’s pretty simple (12:32-34)
• Be content with what God provides.
• By doing things the way God designed we will find the necessary provision we need for this life.
• We will also find that his provision is enough to where we can seek his kingdom without anxiety and worry over material “necessities.”

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