Sermon – August 27, 2017: “Great Victory, Great Testimony”

Great Victory, Great Testimony
(But you have to understand the Enemy)

Luke 8:26-39

Parallel accounts

  • Matthew 8:28-34
  • Mark 5:1-20
  • Luke 8:26-39

All place this event after Jesus calms the storm and all agree on major details except…

Where there is disagreement

  • Country of the Gerasenes, Gadarenes or Gergesenes?
    • Scribal additions to help clarify the area
    • Most likely the city of Gergesa
  • One demoniac or two?
    • Matthew was an eye witness so most likely two
    • One most likely stuck out more than the other

Did Jesus do evil?

  • One must believe this event happened in order to make such a judgment.
  • Jesus is God and can use his creation how he sees fit.
  • Some scholars think the herd may have been owned by Jews.
  • The people seemed to be more afraid of Jesus power than upset about the loss.

Ancient Hebrew concept of demons

  • No real word in Hebrew that carries the connotation of demon as we know
  • Hebrew words translated demon refer to idols and false gods
  • A vague idea of adversary


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