Sermon – October 22, 2017: “Mission Urgent!”

Luke 10:1-16 Parallel Account There is no parallel account though there are similar instructions given to the Twelve Apostles when they are sent out on a similar mission. Luke’s reason for recording 70/72 is most likely an allusion to the

Sermon – October 15, 2017: “The Cost Gain Analysis”

Luke 9:57-62 Parallel Account Matthew 8:17-22 Luke’s reason for recording This section reveals how Jesus responded to those who expressed a desire to follow him. Shows how masterful of a teacher Jesus was as he was constantly identifying teachable moments.

Sermon – October 8, 2017: “Importance of Dealing with Prejudice”

Luke 9:51-56 Luke’s reason for recording • _________________ passage • What follows is the last ___________ of Jesus’ ministry before death. • Jesus’ ministry efforts are now expanding into areas ____________ the Galilean region. • Jesus sets an _____________ for