Sermon – July 16, 2017: “Much Needed Compassion”

Much Needed Compassion Luke 7:11-17 The Compassion of Jesus Mirrored the Father’s compassion. Motivated Jesus to do everything he did. Motivated Jesus to act even though the act was not deserved. Motivated Jesus to act selflessly. Motivated Jesus to always

Sermon – July 9, 2017: “Astounding Faith”

  An Astounding Faith Luke 7:1-10 Review Author – Luke the Physician Audience – Theophilus, Gentile convert Reason for writing – for certainty that what has been taught is true. Theme – Salvation is for everyone. What has happened so

Sermon – July 2, 2017: “Pray”

The Commands of Jesus Pray Key Hebrew and Greek words for prayer Hebrew Tephillah – intercession, deprecation; entreaty, supplication. Root is palal – to pronounce judgment. Implication – to judge something so important and beyond our power that we need