Sermon – October 30, 2016: “Zachariah’s Prophecy”

The Gospel According to Luke Zechariah’s Tips on How to Share the Good News Luke 1:68-80 The reason for this narrative • Luke’s purpose for writing this Gospel is to share the Good News. • In this passage Zechariah proclaims

Sermon – October 23, 2016: “Rightly Viewing Discipline”

Rightly Viewing Discipline Luke 1:57-66; Rev 3:14-22; Hebrews 12:1-11 The reason for this narrative • Narrative adds validity to the story for many were talking about the unusual circumstances surrounding the birth of John. • All eyes would be on

Sermon – October 2, 2016: “A Proper Response”

A Proper Response Luke 1:26-38 The reason for the narrative • Every part of God’s plan comes to pass. • Some parts of the plan were revealed through prophecy. • The story of Jesus begins with prophecy being fulfilled (John