Genesis – “The Christian & Sensual Desire”

Genesis 9:20-28 Proper Context of Alcohol in Scriptures Wine was the primary alcohol in ancient times. There was no refrigeration in ancient times. Naturally fermented wine is between 5 to 20% alcohol. Wine was mixed with water to help purify

Genesis – “The Ark & The Cross”

The Ark and the Cross Genesis 6 – 8 Flood Misconceptions It never rained before the flood Pre-flood society was complete chaos and violence A wooden ark would not be seaworthy The ark was box-shaped Not enough room for all

Genesis – “The Reality of Sin & Consequences”

The Reality of Sin & Consequences Genesis 6:1-8 A quick outline of Gen 1-10 Chapter 1: Creation of the world Chapter 2: Creation and blessing of man Chapter 3: Fall and curse of man Chapter 4: Two types of people

Genesis – “Heaven”

Heaven Genesis 5 Genesis 4:  The stage is set There are two types of people: Those who know God’s love and seek relationship with him (Abel and Seth) Those who don’t understand God’s love and seek to use Him (Cain)